Dark Sable Female Toy Poodle

3 yrs old £300

I am looking for a loving, forever pet home for Dizzy. She is a very quiet, sweet young girl with many years of love to give ahead of her. Dizzy is a climber/jumper so her new home MUST have a very secure garden. She is called Dizzy, because the moment she was born, the song "I'm so Dizzy" was playing on the radio (although she is a little bit of a dizzy daydream too 😄)

Name: Dizzy
Breed: Toy Poodle
Colour: Dark Sable
DOB: 06/12/2020 (2 yrs 8 mths)
Gender: Female

Adult weight 4kg


Price: £300  

  • Fully Vaccinated right up to November 2023
  • Microchipped 
  • Eats Purina Proplan Mini Adult
  • She is KC Registered but I am looking purely for a pet home and so will be selling her without her KC paperwork

If you might be interested in offering Dizzy her new forever home, please, in the first instance, complete my Puppy Application Form so that I can learn a little about you and the homelife that you are offering. Please tell me as much as you can about yourself and your lifestyle so that I can make an informed decision on the most suitable home for my girl. I will also require pictures of your garden..

As a Licensed Breeder,  I am governed by my Annual Dog Breeding Licence as to how many dogs I can own at any one time.
As they get older, I do have a number of dogs that will remain with me as pets for the rest of their lives, but sadly I cannot keep all of my retired dogs. I do therefore sometimes have retired adult dogs, or younger dogs that I may have run on for myself and decided that they are not suitable for my breeding plans, that become available for adoption or for sale to suitable, loving forever pet homes.

I look forward to hearing from you

Jan 😊