Occasional Musings of my Life as Dog Breeder

Socials of some of my previous pups 🤩
  •  24-07-2024 10:18 AM

some of my previous pups have their own socials to keep everybody up to date with what is going on in their lives...

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Velvet Steps
  •  15-11-2023 12:38 PM

Velvet Steps

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GoodBye 2022! the highs and the lows..
  •  14-01-2023 02:56 PM

looks like I am in for a couple of years on a bumpy ride 🙄

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Darla Leaves for her new Forever Home
  •  10-01-2023 10:00 PM

Darla, toy poodle puppy, heading off for her new life with her new owners

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Sound Desensitizing Training
  •  06-11-2022 12:51 AM

Baily, one of my previous Miniature schnauzer pups, is not at all phased by Fireworks as a result of the sound desensitizing that i do with them at a young age

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Spot the Biechi
  •  27-10-2022 11:14 AM

I have been sent a fabulous picture of one of my previous Biechi pups. This is Spot. He turned out stunning x

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Twix, one of my BieChi pups looking very beautiful
  •  25-10-2022 11:48 AM

Twix is a beautiful long haired chocolate tricolour Biechi that i bred in March 2022. he has turned out absolutely stunning.

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Going Shopping with a Biewer Terrier!
  •  18-10-2022 12:24 AM

Going shopping with a biewer terrier puppy

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Biewdle Willow is settling into her new home fabulously
  •  29-08-2022 11:53 AM

Warms my heart to receive such lovely PUP-dates from new owners

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Eunice's first big girl clip
  •  19-08-2022 11:39 AM

Eunice has her first full adult clip

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Gone Fishing..........
  •  17-08-2022 12:50 PM

Little Annie has been fishing....

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