At SedgysMiniMe I breed puppies for companion pets that are easy to live with, confident and intelligent. Consideration is given to producing puppies with low to non-shedding hypoallergenic coats, making my dogs potentially suitable for asthma/allergy sufferers. I provide my puppies with a strong foundation in nutrition, socialisation, enrichment and healthcare which produces emotionally balanced and physically sound puppies whose purpose is to enrich the lives of their forever families.

My Vision
  • Breed high quality puppies from health tested parents
  • Provide an enriched home for my breeding dogs where they are much loved family members
  • Whelp and raise all puppies in our home
  • Provide puppies with the best possible start in healthcare, nutrition and socialisation
  • Follow appropriate developmental training programs with my puppies
  • Begin Toilet and Crate Training with all puppies
  • Fully Vaccinate, Microchip, and have all puppies vet checked at least twice
  • Screen all potential new owners prior to placement
  • Match temperament and activity levels of my puppies to the most suitable owners
  • Provide ongoing, life-long support to owners of my pups
  • Strive for improvement in breeding the highest quality puppies possible
  • Build open and honest relationships with new owners
  • Spend each day passionate and dedicated to the well-being of my dogs
  • Endeavour to do what is best for my dogs, pups and their owners
  • Continue to learn and better my own knowledge, every day is a learning day
  • Be responsive and reliable to the needs of my dogs, pups and new owners