29 Aug

It warms my heart and puts a huge smile on my face when I receive such lovely reports back from my pups' new owners about how my pups are settling in and enjoying their new adventures into the big wide world. This message from Victoria certainly made the start of my week a happy one:-

Quote" Willow has been wonderful! The first few days of being in my flat she didn’t eat much and had anxiety if I left her. But everyday she’s grown in confidence and enjoys munching on those chicken legs and rabbit ears. She now loves exploring around my flat without me, and finding all my lost socks I haven’t seen in ages. It’s truly a talent!  After her first week of living with me, she’s settled into her new routine so well.
She’s been going on 3 walks a day with me around the town where I live, meeting lots of people, whom absolutely adore her! She’s already stolen a lot of hearts bless her
She’s so well behaved when on her walks as well. She walks right beside me, getting much more confident around busy people, passing cars and loud town noises. She takes it all in her stride.
She absolutely loves to have “zoomies”, where she spends ages playing with the lovely toys you gave her and running around my flat like a mad thing She’s hilarious! So much personality in such a wee doggie.
She runs, bounces, leaps and rolls around in the grass outside. She loves to roll and slide flat out on her tummy down the small grassy slope in the garden instead of using the steps! She is extremely confident at jumping up and down stairs though, but rolling and sliding are much more fun it seems
She loves tummy rubs, and giving everyone lots of excited licks. There was a sweet 5 year old boy who was stroking her the other day who said “wow she’s like a big marshmallow!”, which melted my heart! So cute!
She does struggle a bit with anxiety when I leave the flat to go food shopping or running errands. But with time I hope this becomes easier for her, it’s still very early days. 

puppy leaving for her new forever home

She’s been truly wonderful. And such a burst of energy and life! She’s such a wee star  
I’ll try and attached pictures and video clips I’ve taken over the week that I hope you’ll love!
Thank you so much for raising such a lovely pup! She’s made a huge positive impact in my life already, and I can’t wait to have many, many more happy times together! I love her to pieces and she’s settling into her new life really well.
Please except my apologies for the late reply, but I do hope this email makes you smile
She’s doing extremely well, and I’ll definitely keep you updated with all her adventures.
Sending you lots love and Willow sends lots of licks of love to! Take care and speak soon, Victoria and lovable Willow xxx
Ps. Thank you so much for sending the lovely pictures of me and Willow! What a wonderful day that was 

Biewdle puppy after hew final pamper session before leaving me for her new home
Sedgysminime Biewdle puppy
Biewdle puppy biewer terrier x toy poodle mix

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