09 Jul

I had a lovely couple, Sally & Mark, travel to meet my current litter of F1 Biewdle pups over the weekend. I think, as you will see from the pictures, it is fair to say that they were in doggy heaven. They fell in love with Lizzee, Rodger and Trevor. And I think if they could have done, they would have taken Flora (the pups' cousin), Lexi (the pups' mummy) and Wispa (the pups' Granny) home with them LOL... My dogs, and I, thoroughly enjoyed their visit, and the pups were loving the cuddles and attention.
Sally and Mark finally decided on offering Trevor his new forever home. They brought with them a couple of pillowcases with their own scent on them for Trevor to snuggle up to over the next few weeks, so that when he finally is ready to leave me at 11 weeks of age, he will already know his new owners' scent so they will be instantly familiar to him, it makes the transition to his new home much less stressful. He will of course be leaving me with a blanket which has mum and siblings' scent on it, so that he will not miss his little family whilst he settles into his new home...
Thanks Sally and Mark, it was an enjoyable sunday afternoon, I know you are going to adore little "Gus" (Trevors' new name), and I am sure he will fit in with your family, and your own little toy Poodle Molly perfectly, he is an absolute sweetheart. 

apricaot Toy poodles loving attention
Viewing with Biewdle Puppies
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