Name: Doody
Breed: BieChi (Biewer Terrier x Chihuahua)
Colour: Black & Tan
Coat: Smooth
DOB: 28/08/2022
Gender: Male
Reg: N/A

Anticipated adult weight 2.5kg

Status: SOLD

Beautiful, Healthy Litter of 4 x tiny BieChi pups Born Safely on 28/08/22

Mum, Rizzo is my Black Tricoloured smooth coat Chihuahua 2.5kgProud Dad is Denzil, Black Biewer Terrier 2.5kg. 

At 4 weeks of age Doody is looking like he is going to have a smooth coat type, he will most likely grow feathers through his smooth coat, but these will be slow growing so clipping at the groomers will be minimal, if at all. He is liekly to shed like a Chihuahua so may not be suitable for allergy sufferers.


A non-refundable deposit of £200 will secure a pup from this litter.
The pups will be ready for viewing at 5-6 weeks of age.
Will be ready to leave mid November

Price will include:-

  • Fully Vaccinated before leaving me
  • Vet health checked twice before leaving me
  • Microchipped before leaving me
  • Insured for the first month with Petplan & Agria from date of collection
  • Wormed properly from 3 weeks of age
  • Flea/Ear Mite protected with Veterinary prescribed products and follow on product provided
  • Comprehensive Puppy Pack (Veterinary signed vaccination card, microchip transfer documents, insurance documents, Personalised Worming and Flea Protection Records, Personalised Diet sheet, Advice Sheets, Food Vouchers, Sealed bag of dry food, Food Puppy Pack, wet food pouches, blanket with scent of mother and siblings, favorite toys, treats, clicker machine, natural chews and puppy enrichment items

Pics of some of my previous BieChi Pups can be seen below:-

Video Playlist of my Previous BieChi pups

The BieChi has a huge appetite for life, they love everybody and everything they set eyes on, life is one big bundle of fun and love, they tend to love all dogs that they meet, big or small, all people, big or small, other pets etc... they are just happy to be alive, they make fabulous companions and love snuggles. A BieChi may not grow any more than 2.5kg, they are a very small dog. The BieChi  pup with mainly Biewer Terrier genetics will require regular grooming at the grooming parlour, as their coat is a single coat and grows constantly throughout their life, this is exactly the same as the true Biewer Terrier. They generally need to go for a clip at least once every 5-6 weeks. The good thing is that they do not moult like a Chihuahua, so less hairs to hoover up... If the pup has 50/50, or more chihuahua genetics in them than Biewer, they do have an undercoat and also longer hairs that do grow through also, although these longer hairs are slow growing so they don't require the same number of trips to the groomer, if at all.  

I breed the Chihuahua into the Biewer Terrier because I have been breeding the true Biewer Terrier for the past 10+ years now and the new borns are just so delicate and weak that many do not make it through the first week or two. It is a heartbreaking task breeding true Biewer Terriers, once they are past the danger time, they are fabulous pups, but the first couple of weeks at least can be so stressful and heartbreaking. Putting the chihuahua through them creates a more robust pup, they are much stronger and sturdy and far less delicate and less likely to "fade" within those first few critical days and weeks. they are just as beautiful as the true Biewer, same sizes and weights, (I have variety in sizes and weights in the true biewer and the BieChi). The main colour of the Biewer terrier is tricolour (mainly white with black patches and tan points), this can also come through in the Biechi. I also own (bred myself) black biewer Terriers, which are stunning, and this can also come through in the Biechi. My chihuahua stud is brindle parti (mainly white with small brindle patches), so his colouring can also come through in the BieChi. The Biechi are very intelligent, as are both the Biewer Terrier and the Chihuahua. They learn quickly, but some can be a little stubborn and can develop selective hearing if they are too busy playing. They love to learn tricks aswell. They are very loving, great with all ages, fantastic companions, brilliant PAT therapy dogs, and have a huge zest for life. The Biewer terrier is very energetic, full of zing, loves everything and everybody, is very exciteable, and always on the go. The Chihuahua is slightly more reserved, can be a little shy or timid, not quite so good around strangers unless socialised well in depth, so put together the Biewer Terrier and the Chihuahua "The Biechi", is a good combination, they compliment each other fabulously, they are not quite as highly energetic as the Biewer, but not quite as retiring as the Chihuahua, they are a "happy medium".  Some Biechi can have a coat identical to the Biewer which requires regular grooming and clipping, some have a coat which looks just like the Biewer Terrier but also has an undercoat like the Chihuahua, and have a coat which is is more wiry and grows very slowly, it has an undercoat which remains smooth and short, but then also has wiry feathers growing through which grow very slowly, so this type may well moult but does not need as much upkeep as the true Biewer Terrier. Some BieChi have a 50/50 coat, so they ave an undercaot like the Chihuahua, but a top coat which grows, but thankfully does grow slowly and rarely needs a clip.

My Priority is Health & Temperament for the Perfect Family Pet
I am a Professional, Licensed & Registered Dog Breeder. I breed Toy Breed Dogs which are considered to be Hypoallergenic. All of my pups are conceived, whelped & reared within my home, without exception, and with 24/7 care, many years experience and full veterinary support.

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