Liver Miniature Schnauzer
Name: Rusty (Ziggy)


Name: Rusty
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Colour: Liver Abstract
DOB: 02/10/2022
Gender: Male

Anticipated adult weight 7kg

Status: SOLD


Beautiful, Healthy Litter of 5 x Liver Miniature Schnauzer pups Born Safely on 02/10/22


Clever Mum Clover she is Liver Pepper 5kg
proud Dad is Lemmie he is solid Liver 8kg

BOTH parents are DNA tested Clear for MAC, Myotonia Congenita, Type B1 PRA, CMT, Spondylocostal Dysotosis, PMDS, Neuroaxonal dystrophy, Thrombopathia 3, Bleeding disorder P2RY12 def, Cystinuria type I - A 1, Hyperuriceremia (HUU), CMR1

My Liver Miniature Schnauzers were imported by me from the EU and all of them also have USA Breeding Lines in them including well known super-coated "toy" liver schnauzers 

Expected adult weight of pups 4.5kg - 8kg (as they have USA "toy" breeding lines in their pedigree, the pups can vary from "toy" sized to "miniature" sized. At 3 weeks of age, it is looking like 3 of the boy will reach miniature schnauzer weights of 7-8kg and one of the boys will be more like 5-6kg adult weight.)

Super soft coats, ideal for allergy sufferers

SOLD: Price will include:-

  • Fully Vaccinated before leaving me
  • Vet health checked twice before leaving me
  • Microchipped before leaving me
  • Insured for the first month with Petplan & Agria from date of collection
  • Wormed properly from 3 weeks of age
  • Flea/Ear Mite protected with Veterinary prescribed products and follow on product provided
  • Comprehensive Puppy Pack (Veterinary signed vaccination card, microchip transfer documents, insurance documents, Personalised Worming and Flea Protection Records, Personalised Diet sheet, Advice Sheets, Food Vouchers, Sealed bag of dry food, Food Puppy Pack, wet food pouches, blanket with scent of mother and siblings, favorite toys, treats, clicker machine, natural chews and puppy enrichment items
  • Dog World Kennel Club (DWKC) registered. I will also provide DWKC Pedigree and DWKC ownership transfer document.

Pics of some of my previous Liver Miniature Schnauzer Pups can be seen below:-

Liver Chocolate Brown Miniature Schnauzer