Sheridan: Toy Boozer

Pet Name: Sheridan
Miniature Boozer 
 Black Parti

DOB: 28/08/2021 
Expected Weight: 4-5kg

Availability:   Available
Ready to Leave: 13th November 2021

Price:  ¬£SOLD

Sheridan is a Black Parti Boozer. As she grows she will keep her white coat although she may develop some small black spotting marks through her coat.

Sheridan will be ready to leave me on the 13th November once she has been fully vaccinated, vet checked twice and microchipped. She will be insured for the first month, and has been fully wormed to date and will also be flea protected prior to leaving me. I provide a Comprehensive puppy pack including a Purchase Receipt/Puppy Sales Contract, Personalised Diet Sheet and Worming Records (all pups are regularly and properly wormed from 3 wks old), Flea/Ear Mite Protection and Record of Treatments, Puppy Food, Puppy Collar, Fleece Blanket with Mum & Siblings Scent plus selection of Favorite Toys and lots of advice. I provide Advice & Support prior to purchase and once the pup has left me.

The pups are all very sweet, gentle and sociable with fabulous temperaments and they do also like to play and let off steam and are inquisitive and confident little pups. They don't seem to mind bad weather either, as I allow them to go outdoors for a good run around in the garden and so far they don't seem to mind if it is raining, windy or dry and sunny, so that is always a good start for their training, and they have already been very well socialised with my older dogs and with another litter of pups of the same age too, so they are already very confident around other dogs, as I have allowed my older dogs access to come and go with the pups once they were 3-4 weeks of age (once mums' are happy to allow other dogs near them). So they are coming along fantastic.
They will make fabulous companion dogs for all ages and also will enjoy walks and running around. The Biewer breed have an enormous love for life, they are just the most perfect all round breed that are just so excited to be alive and loved. They love everybody of all ages, and any other dog they come across too. The min schnauzer is also a fabulous all rounder breed, they too love everybody, are very chilled and happy. 

Both parent breeds have coats that do not moult, and therefore the Boozer will need to be groomed regularly, so they are perfect for people who may suffer with allergies. Both parent breeds are a good size where they are not large, and not tiny and fragile so my Boozers combine all of these elements into one fabulous little package. Mum is my Liver Parti Miniature Schnauzer, Domino, 5kg, and dad is
my black brindle biewer Terrier called gin, 3.5kg (hence the name Boozers, B for Biewer, Zer for Schnauzer, and Booze as dad is called Gin .

SedgysMiniMe Sheridan Black Parti Miniature Boozer Female Puppy

SedgysMiniMe Sheridan Black Parti Miniature Boozer female Puppy

Mum: Domino (Liver Parti) 5kg Miniature Schnauzer

Mum has been DNA health tested "Clear" for MAC, Myotonia Congenita, Type B1 PRA, CMT, Spondylocostal Dysotosis, PMDS, Neuroaxonal dystrophy, Thrombopathia 3, Bleeding disorder P2RY12 def., Cystinuria, type I - A - 1,  Hyperuricemia (HUU),  CMR1

Liver Chocolate Brown Parti miniature schnauzer UK

Dad: Gin (Black Brindle) 3.5kg Biewer Terrier

Dad has been DNA health tested "Clear" for over 200 genetic health dispositions.

Black Parti Brindle Biewer Terrier UK