15 Nov

Since June 2023, I have been taking a short sabbatical from breeding whilst I recovered from my total hip replacement surgery. During my recovery, I have been working on a new little project. I have been designing beautiful images of my favorite dog breeds, and also creating designs that will help comfort pet owners who are faced with the pain and grief of losing their beloved companion. It has kept me busy whilst I have been off my feet, I have become fully engrossed in it and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have now taken the next step and created a little Etsy store for my results. I have called the brand "Velvet Steps" as every step in life becomes a memory, and I want to create something that evokes comfort and love and helps to keep those beloved memories alive. It is not going to be just about dog breeds,I have also been looking at other areas of life, possibly where there may not be so much choice for people with designs for their walls, so please take a look, there may well be something for you alongside the doggies.
And if you would like something customised, please feel free to drop me a line!!

It may be a bit scarce at the moment, the store is still in its' infancy and it takes time to upload each item, so bear with me, press the "follow me" and keep checking back as I intend adding one or two of my new designs regularly each day.

Please take a look "Velvet Steps" 

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